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I welcome any interest in my work, as well as the chance to discuss any aspect of my processes, techniques or materials. Please go to my About Me page to contact me.

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Origins and Inspirations

My initial step in creating art starts in one of my sketchbooks. I have a number of A4 sizes and a small hardback book for more detailed work. I either begin with a face or a figure- or if I am in need of colour therapy I will go in with a layer of loose expressive brush strokes and cover the white. I will then carry on adding depths of colour according to how I feel the page needs to look- I love it when my eye can travel around the canvas or page and get sucked in to a deep cavern of colour and then float out again on a light toned cloud. It gives the impression of movement.

I love to paint around quotes. My favourite quotes come from poets, writers and philosophers such as Rumi or Deepak Chopra. I also love the words of other artists or passages from my favourite books- the ones I have underlined because they mean something to me. They uplift my mood or encourage me to be the person I want to be.





I wanted to record this quote as a painting to remind myself to be authentic and follow my passions. The line drawings are spontaneous, much like automatic drawing which is said to emerge from the soul’s essence. The butterflies or moths are symbolic, used a lot in my work. They remind me that I can only evolve through hard work and struggle. They are transformative and signify new life- or a new perspective perhaps.

I used butterfly transfers and removed parts of the wings so I could show the juxtaposition of simple lines and the coloured wings. This represents the evolution the butterfly goes through to become it’s most vibrant self.



Our connection as humans to the Earth, and its life force, is another theme I like to express. This painting above represents Gaia and Pan, Mother Earth in the form of a tree and Pan, the ancient God of Forests and fields, supporting her. It’s a celebration of the merging of Feminine and Masculine and how they entwine to balance and bring life to everything around us. I was feeling this unity with Sebbe at the time I painted this- I knew I had found my divine masculine!

I used found papers and mixed media to give texture and a feeling of raw life to the flat pages.



The merging of the Natural Elements to balance us. The colours evoke a feeling of relaxation; such as being in a forest area surrounded by peaceful greens- but also the fish symbolises emotions- she has the fish close to her ear as if it is whispering to her. She remains calm, even though teardrops are emerging from her third eye chakra. The purples suggest mysticism and wisdom gained through her suffering. She is balanced.

31949404_1925479087514214_7650740418207809536_n (1)

Anger eventually disperses. Ripped paper glued down on top of layers and layers, haphazardly- without care. That’s how anger expresses itself. Irrational- feeling torn as if you are bleeding. But there are shafts of blues and greens, even joyful yellow bleeding in, softening the stark crimson gradually easing the mind back to its calm state.


Butterflies and leaves- blues, purples and light pinks. The butterflies were drawn onto thin tissue paper, and formed without the use of scissors to give the wings a fragile and sometimes torn look. Life is fragile, we should appreciate each day of life as our hopes and dreams are so easily destroyed. The permanence of this butterfly on the canvas, despite its thin frame, reminds me that if I show gratitude and appreciation for the things I love, then I will make the most of each minute that they are gifted to me.