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full clarity seem gone

Storms poem and mounted

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I am honoured and blessed to have met such a talented and beautiful soul with whom I can share my feelings, emotions, creative expression and life experiences. And that’s only the surface of what our connection gifts us with.

Sebbe is a poet who expresses himself with so much depth and rawness- it touches my soul and I am sure, that of many many others who resonate with his thoughts and feelings.

Many of our pieces are personal- and many draw on our love and resonance with Mother Nature. As Pagans, we share that connection that has sadly been lost by humans in our modern times. Our respect and fascination with Nature means we are always making that human connection- hoping to mend the relationship that Nature has with our ability to heal, grow, evolve and master our empathy with all living creatures.

It’s a celebration of Life, Love, Darkness and Light, Joy & Pain, Loss & abundance- A true balance of everything that is sacred.

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Fleur for Prints on redbubble

I was feeling like I had nothing left, nothing left to give anyone- my emotional energy spent on wasted interactions with friends and those who proved time and again that they had nothing to offer me in return. The girl is me, lying on the ground in a last attempt to embrace some kind of warmth from the Earth, imagining a meadow or sweet smelling grass to comfort me. I just wanted to lay down and give up….

Then Sebbe and I started talking after fate allowed our paths to cross- I started to feel alive again slowly- and as our conversations developed and we learned to trust each other, I felt myself coming alive again- and the flowers growing out from her symbolise that.

“It was the first sketch of her laying down that inspired me- our deep chats about depression and looking in to our souls- our conversations about mother earth and her healing powers, about our shared belief in paganism. It became our little refuge. I felt the sentences flowing out harmoniously forming a serene and relaxing poem- How Mother Earth gave her the power to blossom again.” – Sebbe

She is a flower of Mother Earth

gently starting to blossom

laying still in the grass

confused. In pain.

she believes her end is near-

only to stand up,

blossoming into the flower she grew to be.

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