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Eveksia natural handmade skincare

Introduction to my Eveksia Skin Care Products~ Part 2: Lemon & Tea Tree and Lemon & Lavender Cleansers

When life gives you lemons…live it with zest!

Lemon is: 

* rich in vitamin C & potassium

* a great antibacterial agent and full of antioxidants

* helpful in maintaining your body and skin’s pH levels

* known to lighten acne scars.

* proven to relieve indigestion, improve oral health, ease respiratory issues, stimulate hair growth, treat dandruff/ dry scalp

* great for removing toxins from your skin, keeping it squeaky-clean & looking fresh

*this is why ALL my Eveksia Cleanser Creams contain high grade Lemon Essential Oil.

Order these 2 featured Skin Cleansers and get 20% off!


Featured Lemon Facial Skin Cleansers:

The base recipe contains Organic Oils of Coconut, Safflower, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose hip which are known to offer long-lasting holistic health benefits including skin cell repair, wrinkle reduction, easing of inflammations & irritations, deep hydration and the removal of toxins.

 Lemon & Tea Tree 

for oily/ sensitive skin

with ‘uplifting’ blend of mood-food

£15.95 (120ml)

While Lemon deeply cleanses and removes toxins from the skin, Tea Tree oil gently lifts oils from the  pores. Bergamot purifies and soothes the skin, easing blemishes and irritations. Geranium & Patchouli oils refresh and tone, while Rosemary & Frankinsence aid circulation which allows fast healing.

The ‘Uplifting’ mood-food blend includes Rosemary, Peppermint & Grapefruit which aid mental stimulation and clear mind fog. Geranium, Bergamot & Patchouli relax the mind.

Ideal for your morning cleansing routine!

(due to the properties of the carrier oils, this cleanser is also great for dry skin)

Lemon & Lavender

for dry/sensitive skin

with ‘calming’ blend of mood-food

£12.95 (120ml)

While  Lemon deeply cleanses and removes toxins from the skin, Lavender is known to soothe and heal most skin issues such as rashes, cuts, irritations and sores.

Geranium & Lavender combat dryness and deeply hydrate the skin. They also aid circulation so improve the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Frankincense tones the skin, improves elasticity & softness, and prevents cell damage.

The ‘Calming’ mood-food blend is a fusion of Lavender & Geranium which alleviate stress, anxiety and fear. Patchouli oil stabilises the emotions and aids a good night’s sleep.

Ideal for your night time cleansing routine!

Order these 2 featured Cleansers and get 20% off:

you pay £23.12 instead of £28.90

+ 1 free sample

To take advantage of this offer, please pay through my PAYPAL, serenajane72@yahoo.co.uk, adding the code: LEMON2

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