Welcome to my HOLISTIC HAVEN- a place where I talk about my passion for Art and healing. This is the place where I bring together everything that defines me as an Artist and a person, somewhere to showcase my work and to let you all explore my thoughts, creative processes, ethics and spiritual journey through creativity.

“You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I studied Art & Jewellery design for many years and went on to gain a Teaching Qualification after my BA HONS Degree. I have come to learn over the years how Art has the ability to heal- to empower, conquer negative emotions, raise vibrations and open the mind to new opportunities and ways of seeing the world. People are drawn to my art. I have been told that my images, choice of colour and subject matter really do speak to the spectrum of emotions and experiences that shape the Human journey through our lives as spiritual souls.

I am a Pagan and my love of Nature has been the main inspiration throughout my life. My mixed media art pieces are havens for a symbolic world of natural shapes, colours, creatures, figures and fantasies to evolve. Feelings, emotions and empowerment of the mind and body are also significant to me and this fusion creates work that is powerful, emotive and oftentimes challenging- but always with the intention of evoking a sense of peace and well-being. True therapy for the soul!

In 2018, my love of the natural world and empathy for all living beings lead me to meeting my soulmate, Sebbe. Together, we started to create art; he writes beautifully expressive poetry and I respond by weaving his words within the colour and symbology of my mixed media paintings. I have dedicated a page on this website to showcasing our work which will soon be on sale as Art prints, Cards and eventually Zines in my Etsy Shop.

I would like visitors to my site to explore and learn about my inspirations and passions. Of course, my work is on sale and the various outlets where they can be purchased are listed on the menu page at the top of the site. I am also very happy to take commissions on paintings and other art- whether for a portrait, a mixed media piece or a greetings card for a special occasion. I am open to, and welcome any suggestions that you may have. Rest assured you will be receiving a one-off, personal piece that I will work closely with you under your instruction, to create.

I am very conscious of environmental issues and I strive to use only eco-friendly materials and ingredients. Our planet is our home and we need to protect it for our own well-being and that of future generations of all creatures!

Mixed Media Paintings

I offer bespoke, commissioned pieces as well as high quality Art Prints taken from my original pieces.

In my Etsy shop you will find other reproductions from my original art such as greetings cards and wallet cards.




Art & Poetry of Sands

The Art & Poetry of Sands ( S and S) is the name of the collaboration between myself and my soulmate, Sebbe. Our work reflects the sensitivity and fragility of mind and emotion and the nurturing influences that love and Mother Nature can extend to us.


Souls full




      The Goddess Elemental Oracle Deck

With my love of colour, form, symbol and word I have created the first 25 cards in this meditation deck. These mystical images fuse your emotional subconscious world with both your ancient & contemporary connection with Nature. We all have the answers to our own empowerment within, and these cards will help you unlock your potential.


Eveksia (natural Vegan skin care)

My passion for Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy lead me to create my range of vegan skin care for the face and body. Eveksia means ‘wellness’ in Greek and is a nod to the pioneer of natural medicine, Hippocrates. He believed that healing the body was a holistic practice and disease was the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits. My products care for a range of skin issues as well as emotional well-being through my special essential oils blends of ‘Mood Food’.



Earth Jewellery

Through my love of Crystals, I offer a collection of hand made pieces; each made with different crystal chips strung on hand-shaped silver wire for easing a variety of emotional issues. I will soon be developing my collection to include upcycled pieces made from recycled sterling silver and a variety of stones and crystals.

rose quartz and carn 2


Every piece of art I create is unique and filled with love and passion for life. In my online shops you will find all my products on sale. I aim to provide the best service possible based on your individual & personal requirements.

Here are the shortcuts to my main online shops:

Eveksia natural hand made skincare www.eveksiaskincare.co.uk

Birds Become Fishes Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BirdsBecomeFishes

Here you can find all my online links!

To see more art from each of my collections, please click on the page tabs at the top of the website.

Please contact me directly by email for bespoke pieces and any general questions:


Thank you so much for visiting!


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Lemon, Vetiver & Ylang Ylang Cleanser for Problem skin

Geranium and Bergamot moisturiser

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