Welcome to my holistic haven– a place where I sell healing products, lovingly created through a fusion of arts, crafts, alternative therapies and the wisdom of Nature. I want you-my customer- to be able to learn about my inspirations and understand my passions. On this site you can find information and articles that I have used in my research and gain inside knowledge of how I make my products. I am very conscious of environmental issues and I strive to use eco-friendly materials and ingredients as far as I possibly can. Our planet is precious, as too the life we live upon it.

I aim to empower and inspire with my use of colour, form, symbols and words. I have been working on a Meditation Card Deck that fuses our emotional subconscious world with our ancient connection with Nature. We have the answers to our own empowerment within. 


My love of the Natural world has also lead me to learn about Aromatherapy and Herbalism which has been the inspiration for my Vegan Skin Care and Mood Food brand Eveksia, which is Greek for wellness.


Through my love of Crystals, I offer a collection of ‘earth jewellery’ pieces; each made with different crystal chips strung on hand-shaped silver wire for easing a variety of emotional issues.

rose quartz and carn 2

I also create mixed media paintings and other art work for a variety of occasions. I sell original work as well as Prints and Greetings Cards taken from my original pieces.




Every single piece and every product I create, is unique and filled with love and passion for life.  

In my Online Shops-Birds Become Fishes on Etsy and Wix (the Eveksia Store) you will find all my products to buy. Please browse. I will do my best to help with any questions or information you need. I aim to provide the best service for you, based on your individual & personal requirements. 

I am also very happy to accept commissions if you would like a bespoke piece. 

Please contact me by email:


Thank you so much for visiting!


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“Hi I just want to leave you some feed back on this. Both my daughter and her boyfriend have both had great results from this- both using it for acne with the results being almost immediate with calming down inflammation. Their skins are now so much clearer. Thank you.”

-Jeanette Mawer (Lemon, Vetiver & Ylang Ylang Cleanser)


Lemon, Vetiver & Ylang Ylang Cleanser for Problem skin

Geranium and Bergamot moisturiser

“This face cream works great as a face oil when melted. I’ll be buying more when it’s gone, I’ve been using a £20 oil at night and this Geranium and Bergamot cream is as good, if not better. I’ve used a lot of expensive ones and I’m really impressed with it!”

~C. Jackson

Geranium & Bergamot Moisturiser for mature skin